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Both Residential and Commercial

We service both residential and commercial. We don't cut corners we clean them. When you hire a company, you deserve a professional service that doesn't cut corners, we work hard to ensure the work is done with the latest and greatest of equipment and products.- Anderson's Home Services. Call us for a no-obligation quote.

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About Us

Taking the heavy lifting out of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We service all of Innisfil, Barrie, and Simcoe County, However, we have been referred and will go outside of our service areas if requested. Family owned and operated and investing in only the best truck mounted equipment and products in the industry so we can provide the best job possible. .Whether we're helping after a home flooding or providing routine carpet cleaning to the Innisfil and Simcoe Country area you can count on Andersons Home Services to deliver both the quality and customer service that you expect from a cleaning professional.

Revive your floors to their original beauty with our tile & carpet cleaning service and keep your drapes and upholstery looking like new and smelling clean and fresh.

For those homes we can't get into with our Truck Mounted System we have invested in the Ninja Portable unit to allow our professional Services to reach you at the highest level of living.

Our Services

Complete Cleaning Solutions

While Anderson's Home Services is known as a carpet cleaner, we have a number of other service areas. Look to the bottom or give us a call to find out more about what we do.

Busy Carpets need yearly cleaning!!!

Using our deep steam extraction we get our some of the toughest stains. We are able to turn up or down the temperature on the water that allows us to clean some of the toughest carpets.

We have the best on the market Shear dry Upholstery tool that helps dry your furniture faster with a cleaner fresh look.

We now offer our Ninja portable Carpet and Upholstery unit to allow us to clean the areas where our truck mounted system will not fit such as Condo’s, Apartments and more.

We clean carpets, upholstery, Boats, R.V's, Area Rugs and more...

Wonder where all that dust goes? Have recent renovation done? People in your household sick or have allergies? Call us we will get your Air vent system cleaned the right way. Using our truck mounted rotobrush. We don't just vacuum your ducts we scrub them clean.

Our Truck Mounted Rotobrush is placed in each and every cold and hot Air return. It rotates scrubbing the sides of your duct vents while our high suction vacuum sits behind the scrub brush removing the debris out to our truck. We. remove the dust, debris, cob webs and whatever other surprises we may find in your vent system.

We Clean dryer vents! Dryer vents are a very common cause for fires in a household if your clothes are not drying like they use to, or your dryer seems to be acting up, you could have a dirty dryer vent system not allowing the air to flow out the way it should.

The Ipro Bacteria-OFF 30 is a hospital disinfectant, cleaner, mould killer and super effective odor eliminator. This Ready-To-Use product is simply sprayed, wiped, washed or fogged onto your desired surface or fabric. The product is non-irritating to your skin and non-corrosive to any surface that is treated.

Uses the Power of Oxygen to Kill Harmful Bacteria & Viruses while Removing Mould, Mildew & Algae Unique molecular bonding technology to protect against harmful bacteria and viruses.

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